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Print and play!

Choose from a wide range of printable games on our app, print them with our printer, and live the new gaming experience!

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WandDo: A 3D Printable Games Universe in an app

A whole world of printable games on your phone

Play Unlimited Games

Browse our endless collection of 3D printable games

Make Cool Games

Upload your sketches or design your own game from scratch with our AI game editor.

Bring Your Games to Life

Connect and control your favorite games using our WandDo Kit.

It's Fun!
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WandDo: Build your New Gaming World with our 3D Printer

Get your 3D printer to make your games come to life


The Printer is fully assembled, just plug and play!


Carefully designed for a safe and risk-free printing experience right in your room


Seamlessly integrated with our Wanddo app through WiFi and equipped with a cool touchscreen

Printing Volume

You can print up to 117 stacked Oreos!

Printing Speed

Can print an earring in 15 minutes and a bookmark in 30 minutes.

Printer Weight

It weighs less than a cute pug

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Browse our rich store on the app and select your printable game of choice


Tap Print to bring your selected games to life through our 3D printer


Live an unmatched gaming experience in single or multiplayer modes

Subscription Plans

Always know what you`ll Pay

YearlyGet 2 months FREE


$0/ year
  • Access to all free libraries
  • Access to all free library assets


$100/ year
  • Access to all free content
  • Unlock up to 5 premium libraries
  • 10% Discount on select libraries
  • 15% off on our range of filaments


$150/ year
  • Access to all free content
  • Unlock up to 15 premium libraries
  • 20% Discount on select libraries
  • 25% off on our range of filaments

Gummy Bear

$250/ year
  • Access to all free content
  • Unlock up to 35 premium library
  • 30% Discount on selected libraries
  • 35% off on our range of filaments