Who We Are

Get to know Fab-Minds, and the team behind it

Founded in 2020, FabMinds is the first company in the Middle East to give the 3D printing experience a whole new facelift.
We introduce a smartly engineered concept of a personalized 3D printing experience that offers endless possibilities for imagination and creation to the minds of all ages, using 3D novel solutions.

With the Fab-Mindfully designed and manufactured plug n’play 3D printer FAB-Artist™️, we offer a user-friendly 3D printing experience that is just a click away through our FAB-App. Children, teens as well as adults will all be able to freely exercise their curiosity, imagination, and love for learning by creating, assembling and enjoying endless and ever-expanding 3D scenarios.


Meet the Fab-Minders


Ahmad Haddara

CEO | Founder


Ahmed Hassan

VP of Design & Manufacturing |

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Omar Rayan

VP of Engineering | Co-Founder